March 25, 2021

Good Lee & Jade Alice take us to a mellifluous fairytale with the new single "Memories in the Moonlight"

’Memories in the Moonlight’ is the new collaboration between Austrian artist Patrick Gutensohn aka Good Lee and Melbourne’s own singer/songwriter Jade Alice. We at Czech Vibes Sound are doing an exclusive premiere of the song on our music channel. Watch the video exclusively now:

It will go public today at 5:30 pm CET on our youtube channel.

As a follow-up to their well received 2019 song ’Kintsugi’ released via Czech Vibes Sound and the 2nd single off Good Lee’s upcoming album ’Water Diary’‚ Memories in the Moonlight’ releasing via Loci Records on Friday, March 26th, delivers a dreamy and mellow fairytale-like emotional electronic atmosphere and inspiration.

This song is about longing and reminiscing on beautiful past moments but that maybe are simply meant to remain as memories.

,,We always had a clear vision for what Good Lee's music shall stand for and he steadily appears on our platform since his 2018 single Friends. He impressed us with his first album Transience and we could see his production evolving with every new release for the past 3 years. We enjoy how deeply his melodies impact us and how raw and nostalgic they are. The way he works on his sound design and blends digital and natural elements is very fresh. His music is also kind of very rhythmical and dancey, as his artistic soul has also been expressing as a dancer. We believe he really contributes something special to today's music world and can't wait for his next steps. We discovered Jade through another Australian producer Motaki, she was featured on his song "Work This Out" released in 2018. We are always impressed with her emotional and dreamy vocals. Her songwriting is healing parts of yourself that you even didn't know it existed. We enjoy how she undirectly transfers her own experiences and emotions into our minds that hit the right places."

- Mag, the co-founder of CVS

Connecting him with Jade was an improvised idea that just clicked and erupted into more than just 1 song. Both of them really understand each other's emotions and can create magic even if they are separated by a couple of continents and oceans. And hey, that's what we are here for, elevating artists together, creating bridges between the cultural and geographical influences from both artist's backgrounds.

„It’s always magic working with Pat! When he sent me this instrumental I was hypnotised by the sounds, they were so ethereal and delicate. He communicates emotions so clearly in his production that the feeling behind the song always hits me first. I really connected to his concept about reminiscing on the past, I write a lot about nostalgia and seeing things through rose tinted glasses. I forget that we’ve never been in the same room, because when we write music it feels like we are in this little snow globe together! I’m so excited for ‘Memories in the Moonlight’ to be in the world, and am so humbled to have been part of it.“

- Jade Alice

„I’ve been a huge fan of Jade’s work since the Czech Vibes collective introduced us to each other. Even though we live in different parts of the world, the creation process always felt very organic and natural and has been nothing but fun and pleasure, with our first collaboration in 2019 and now with ’Memories in the Moonlight’. We definitely wanted to create a new one as a follow-up and when I started working on the instrumental version I knew this would be the one. Exchanging ideas over the internet and finding mutual thoughts or experiences to slowly build the song. I’m very happy with the outcome and even more to have Jade with her magic and dream-like voice on board again.“

- Good Lee

Good Lee by PoppinD

Good Lee by PoppinD


Our favorite part of the lyrics:

Running through the trees at night, I remember everything

Silver flashing in your eyes, moonlight shining on your skin

Flashing back to you, I keep on flashing back to you and now I’m howling



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